Money Is a Thing- Jermaine Dupri Sued


Tadd Mingo, a former engineer assistant to So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri is suing the music mogul for four years of unpaid overtime.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday August 13 which Mingo said he worked for Dupri from May 2010 until he was forced to resign this year. The So So Def assistant said he worked 65 hours a week on average but was never paid for overtime.

In the lawsuit, Mingo accuses Dupri of breach of contract and “unjust enrichment.” The So So Def employee had made numerous requests for the his back wages only to be stalled with empty promises.

The amount Mingo believes he is owed is not stated in the lawsuit. He is also seeking damages and attorney’s fees.

Dupri had a legal issue lasy year with Sun Trust Bank which sued him and So So Def for defaulting on a $1.9 million dollar loan. Dupri counter claimed that the loan was improperly altered, leaving him with “unachievable payment terms” and fighting state and federal tax liens.

Mingo is an industry veteran who has worked with such celebrities as Whitney Houston,Tyrese, Mariah Carey, LL Cool Jay, and Lionel Richie.